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The Dancer's Life
Advice from
Anne Wennerstrand
(Previously Advice for
Grown-Up Dancers)

By Anne Wennerstrand, LCSW

(We want to know what you think! Got a response to Anne's ideas? Or another issue you want to talk about? E-mail The Dancer's Life.)

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The Dancer's Life, 4-13-05
Talk About Flux

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5/30/01: Can I Have a Life and a Dance One?

4/15/01: ABUN-DANCE: Creative Solutions to the Second Job Dilemma

2-22-01: "If I Can Make it There": New York or Bust

2-1-01: A Time to Dance

1-11-01: Doing the Dance

12-19-00 Toxic Envy: Two-stepping with the Green Monster

12-6-00 From Background to Foreground: "What Am I Going to Eat Tonight?"

11-30-00 "When are You Going to Quit Dancing and Get a Real Job?"